Welcome to remote Web-interface of OpenSCADA demo configuration! OpenSCADA demo configuration based on full dynamic model AGLKS. The interface allow for you enter from anonymous "user" to "Dynamic WEB configurator" and "Operation user interface (WEB)".

Into "Dynamic WEB configurator" you can browse on OpenSCADA objects tree, without any redaction allow.

Into "Operation user interface (WEB)" you get full operator Web-interface and can: switch signal objects(SO), switch view type ("Mnemo", "Graphics group", "Contours group", "Documents" and other). For graphics and documents you can call control panel, by click to graphic or document, and next navigate on history and scale. Any technological process control is disabled for anonymous enter, by default.

For mostly Web-interfaces you must use Web-browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium, Opera or Konqueror > 4!